Add a Watermark in PDF Files 

 July 23, 2022

PDF editors can help people organize, edit and save their PDFs, but what does adding a watermark do and how do you use it? Find out here.


A watermark is an often overlooked aspect of document creation and publishing since it is not always prominently displayed or shown. But this is part of its utility since watermarks help protect copyrighted content from being illegally copied, shared, or disseminated. Watermarks are often transparent or semi-visible since they are meant to act as an invisible guard against illegal copyright violations. If they are seen, a watermark would not have much use since a counterfeiter would know it is there and not attempt to copy the document but there are others. But there are other things to know about watermarks and why they are useful.

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Why Use a Watermark?


The reasons for using a watermark are straightforward. They serve the purpose of preventing texts, files, documents, and other important information from being unfairly and illegally reproduced without the permission of the creator or copyright holder. Watermarks are easy to create and add to any text and they can come in various forms.


Many organizations use their company logo as the watermark. But different individuals and organizations can create any type of watermark they want. A watermark can also be a piece of text or other letters and does not have to be an image, specifically. Users can also add a password to encrypt a file but a watermark is a much simpler and more effective way of protecting information.

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Security of the File


PDFs need to be secured sometimes because they contain very sensitive or confidential information. The ways creators go about protecting their files include adding password encryption or only sending the file to authorized users. But even if you send something to someone you trust, they could simply take or copy that information.


For this reason, adding a watermark to a page or several can help prevent that illegal copying from happening. It can be done with little effort and has enormous benefits. Seeing that watermark anywhere else will be the signal that content has been illegally downloaded. The watermark is also important for images and photos contained within paid archives to prevent copyright infringement.

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Authenticity of the Information


But the watermark is not only to show that a certain document or page is the property of someone else. It can also be the marker that proves the authenticity and validity of a specific document. Watermarks and other anti-counterfeiting measures are often added to currency to prevent forgeries but to also prove that it is an authentic bill and not a fake.


Closing Thoughts


Watermarks have an understated utility that they are not always recognized for and their importance is often dismissed. But they have an enormous role in helping sensitive data and information be protected from people who want to misuse it. Adding them to any document is so easy that it takes only a few steps.

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With Lumin PDF, users can open or upload a selected image to use as their watermark. When the image is uploaded, you can select or adjust the image’s opacity with a slide control or choose its location and where it can be ideally placed.

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