Alya’s “Ten Years of Solitude” Is the Musical Masterpiece You Need to Hear 

 May 10, 2019

We currently live in a golden age of music. We have more genres, more instruments, and more talented creatives than ever before. Audiophiles know this, and constantly search for the latest and greatest tunes they can find.

Unfortunately, it takes a while to wade through all the forgettable pop music, offbeat rhymes, and otherwise bland releases to find a gem. I ought to know; it’s been a very long time since I found an artist that truly blew my mind on every level.

Recently, one music artist managed to make my jaw drop with her unique take on pop and electronica. This artist was able to give me goosebumps with her vocals, make me wonder at her lyrics, shock me with her artistic videos, and yes, even humble me when it came to what I believed about creativity.

That artist is Alya, and her album “Ten Years of Solitude” is unlike anything I’ve ever heard in recent years. The more I listened to her tracks and read up on her, the more impressed I was.

The Premise: Accept Yourself

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Alya is a woman who has lived more in her life than most of us will in a lifetime. Starting her career as a classically trained ballerina and singer, she later became a journalist for Russia’s RIA Novosti. After spending time in Japan, she delved into music and started working on her album.

As an immigrant and a woman, Alya knew that she had a lot to say about overcoming struggles. “Ten Years of Solitude” is a reflection of that, with each track telling a story about how she learned to accept herself for who she was. Each song reveals a different facet of her incredibly complex mind, life, and world.

With her imagination and heart running wild, Alya forged her album.

Alya’s Vocals Shine Through

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“Ten Years of Solitude” has a total of 10 songs, each extremely striking in its own way. Some are very electronic. Another one, like “Romano,” are written and performed in Japanese. Others, like “Heart Shaped Hole,” have a very bluesy, trip hop vibe to them. The variety alone means there’s something for everyone.

The songs in this album are complex, striking, and incredibly beautiful. Alya uses her haunting vocals, electric beats, and operatic instrumentals to create music that’s cinematic and absolutely breathtaking.

The way that her vocals mesh with instruments like violins, turntables, and electric guitars gives the entire album a very classical-yet-futuristic ambiance. Anyone who ever wondered what Mozart’s compositions would sound like if he lived in 2019 will find a likely answer in the instrumentals found in “Seven.”


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What’s really impressive about Alya is how she’s able to waltz from genre to genre so effortlessly. Some songs, like “Twenty Six,” sound very pop-punk with a side of electro. Others, like “Hachiko,” almost sound devotional and Disney-like.

My personal favorites, “Romano” and “Seven” have strong psytrance and steampunk influences. “Romano,” in particular, is reminiscent of Origa’s “Inner Universe.” Fans of Ghost in the Shell will understand why that’s so impressive.

Simply put, this is a lady with amazing range.  

Award-Winning For A Reason

So far, Alya has received millions of views on her YouTube channel as well as awards for her song “Animals.” Her music was featured on the European Music Charts, as well as on Control Radio UK’s charts. She has  also won awards for her album’s music videos. Her fanbase is growing rapidly, with her videos regularly snagging millions of views.

img 62b351678148a - Alya’s “Ten Years of Solitude” Is the Musical Masterpiece You Need to Hear

This is an album that explores how far human emotion can be carried through music. It’s an album that is uplifting and humbling. Filled with lullabies, soundscapes from futuristic cities, and operas that reflect the modern world, it’s an album that will make you think.

An Album (And Artist) That’s Beautiful in Every Way

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The accolades she received are ones that were clearly fought for. Saying her success is well-deserved is an understatement. Her album’s music is beautiful, but that’s not the only wonderful thing about it.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that she’s donating her album sale profits to the Naked Heart Foundation to help special needs children receive a better education. This makes it a true testament to the beauty of music and the change it can create in the world.


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