Top 3 Reasons Why Alex Mirabella Rocks 

 January 28, 2015

Local hero, Alex Mirabella has been killing it!

We would like to take this time to Congratulate Alex on his journey as the Senior Captain for Scotch Plains Fanwood High School wrestling.

When Alex walked off the mat this past weekend at the New Jersey State Wrestling Tournament, he bid farewell to a long list of accolades solidifying the following career stats:

77 Total Career Wins

2  District Titles

1 Union County Title

Region 3 Third Place Medal 

He inspires greatness as a leader for the team.

The Top 3 Reasons why Alex Mirabella Rocks: 


#3 Preparation – He works hard every day conquering his goals and taking names!

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#2 Persistence – He never gave up. His strong will is a key ingredient for reaching success!


#1 Heart – He has the eye of the tiger as he will go as far as he wants in life and will only be limited by his ambition.



Congratulations Alex! You did it and the entire state of New Jersey is beaming with pride!

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